Keith Flynn - Relationship Specialist
Your Relationship Roadmap is here to help you have exceptional, authentic and fulfilling relationships.

From personal experience no one taught me about relationships. It never occurred to me to look to study what relationships were about. I would just get into a relationship, there would be some issues from either side and one of us would end the relationship.

I decided that I was ready to commit to marriage and having a family in my late twenties. I feel in love, got married and then believed that everything was going to work out, or we would just work it out as we went along, pretty much like my parents had done. I had decided that there were a few things that I would do differently, like show affection to my children because my father was old school and never showed or gave me any affection as a child. Unfortunately I did not question relationships enough and take the time to understand what they were about. I never understood the purpose of relationships.

I figured that my main role was to provide for the family. So I set about doing this the best way I could. Unfortunately my way was not in sync with my wife and I was caught up in my world not seeing anything wrong with me or the damage I was doing. About 7 years in, my wife was unhappy and over about a two year period we separated 3 times. Looking back, love was not enough for our relationship.

My marriage finally ended when my wife replaced me. This led to some serious pain, depression and sowing the seeds that put me on the path to becoming a Relationship Specialist.

Now that I look back, I realise that I have become the person I needed at the time I was struggling with my marriage issues. 

In working with many couple and individuals, I see so many of the same underlying patterns repeating. So many relationships struggling and the impact is has on the children who have little or no say in what the people they love the most are doing to each other. 

While so many relationships and marriages have been impacted, the next pattern that I have seen emerge is that most are not able to sustain the growth and change. All to quickly they wander of the path and lose their way. This is one of the main drivers behind creating Your Relationship Roadmap. To be able to give people the resources to make it easier to get themselves back on track.

I mentioned earlier that it is the children that suffer the most when parents have relationship issues, especially if they separate. This is another big driver, and I will say often that I am the spokesperson for your children (even if they are unborn).

I then set my self a goal. That is to positively impact globally over 1,000,000 relationships, that is around 2,000,000 adults and around 2,500,000 children, along with the ripple effect that will occur. I can not do this by just seeing people in sessions, thus creating Your Relationship Roadmap.

The vision is to find others out there like myself that want to learn and implement the relationship strategies you get from modules in Your Relationship Roadmap.  All the content, all the strategies are the proven strategies that are shared in sessions and used by clients.

We are looking for others who are also wanting to contribute to others by being trained in this approach, so globally together we can not only positively impact over 1,000,000 relationships, we can transform relationships forever.

Enjoy Your Relationship Roadmap and I look forward to hearing from you about your success and I look forward to working with you either helping you transform your relationship or training you to help others transform their relationships.

Keith Flynn  BSc. Dip. Hyp
Your Relationship Specialist